puzzle #57: themeless thirty-three + nacrowrimo

puzzle 57: NaCroWriMo #1 (Themeless)
by ada nicolle

Welcome to the first day of National Crossword Writing Month, a.k.a. NaCroWriMo! It's like NaNoWriMo, but for crosswords, and I totally made it up. I want to use this month to be more active on this blog, as I've been finding myself neglecting it. I've been very busy, but I am going to try to post on here every day this month, whether it be posting a full puzzle, a midi puzzle, or a different variety of puzzle. I'll also be doing some live-streams of the creation of these puzzles over on my Patreon for Inner Circle members. Sigma female grindset, baby.

Enjoy the puz! If you like this puzzle, please consider supporting my Patreon! I post an exclusive weekly puzzle there along with bonus puzzles and behind-the-scenes crossword stuff. I also have a backlog of 50 puzzles available from the past year and all of my Redstone 15x puzzles in .puz format. Consider subbing! It helps me continue doing what I love :)

- Ada


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