Friday, July 30, 2021

puzzle #53: themeless thirty

puzzle 53: themeless thirty - at ease!
by adam nicolle // test-solved by brooke husic and paolo pasco

Hey y'all! New themeless today, and also new 7xwords puzzle. Pretty happy with both of them!

Just a thought I've been having recently:
    I've realized something about my construction style over the past year, and that is I'm a really fill-driven constructor (as opposed to like, grid shape-driven or theme-driven, traits that I adore in constructors as well). Just when it comes to solving, discovering fill that is common to me but I've never seen in crosswords is akin to hearing a joke and thinking "WHOA it's not just me???". 
    This is why I love it when constructors unapologetically put their personality, culture, and the things they love, know, live with, grew up with, and care about into their puzzles. Some critics may complain saying "people may have a hard time with this crossing blah blah blah" but who cares, I guarantee you people will solve your puzzle and resonate with you and it'll make their world just a little bit brighter. That response is my goal at the end of the day, in both crosswords and stand-up. Can't say my puzzles or myself are consistent in these attempts, but I'm a work-in-progress. I hope I articulated that alright.

That being said, this puzzle isn't as great as that build-up was but I hope you'll like it regardless. This puzzle started with the two 14s in the middle, and I'm very happy with the ensuing long/mid-length fill.

Enjoy the puz!
- Adam

Monday, July 12, 2021

puzzle #52: themeless twenty-nine

puzzle 52: themeless twenty-nine - get baked
by adam nicolle // test-solved by christopher adams


Hey hey! This puzzle is svery late but I've also been very busy in general. The good news is that I think I have enough puzzles to help me keep my subscription and this blog posting regularly for the time being. So, expect a lot more of these blog posts!!

This puzzle, as most of my puzzles do, started in the centre of the grid with a few seed entries. It's always a good time building out from the centre, but this time I'm happy with both the quality and quantity of the entries I found. Also, I'm trying out using italics in the applet and I'm new to that, so there miiiight be some formatting errors. Whatever! It's a process.

Enjoy the puz!
- Adam

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

puzzle #51: themeless twenty-eight

puzzle 51: themeless twenty-eight - horrible puzzle /s
by adam nicolle // test-solved by brooke husic and ricky cruz 

Hey y'all!! Super excited to have TWO puzzles out today, the first one being here of course, and the second one being at Club 72! I love solving Croce's puzzles and I'm constantly wowed by his innovation in grid design/taste in great fill, so I'm glad I'm able to honour that in some way. It's a bit harder than my normal puzzles, but I'm super proud of it.

Speaking of fill, I've been making more of an effort recently to add a whole bunch of fresh entries to my personal word list. I'd like to think today's puzzle is a demonstration of that, especially around the middle.

Enjoy the puz!
- Adam