Monday, January 4, 2021

puzzle #42: themeless thirty-three

puzzle 42: themeless twenty-three - ab-so-tute-ly

Happy 2021, y'all!

Excited to be kicking off the new year on this blog with this themeless. This came as a result of crossing two 10 seeds with a 15 seed and I'm very happy with what the grid-shaped up to be. This might play a bit harder than my usual puzzles, but I'm hoping everything will be fun to uncover!

Also worth mentioning cause I'm excited about both of these blogs: 7xwords by Malaika Handa and QVXwordz by Quiara Vasquez have been putting out bangers recently and I'm very excited to see what they create in 2021. If you haven't already (which, why haven't you?), check them out!

Enjoy the puz!
- Adam

Monday, December 14, 2020

puzzle #41: themeless thirty-two (by brooke husic)

puzzle 41: themeless thirty-two - the big time! (by brooke husic)

Hey y'all! I'm back with a friend!

Brooke is such a great constructor and I'm super happy that she asked if she could post this puzzle here. Her cluing as always shines through, and I love the 14-15-14 stack with no 3s (!!) crossing the middle.
Here's what Brooke has to say:
imho, no one does stacks better than Adam right now, so I felt it was only appropriate to send him this puzzle as a homage to his much superior work. The grid went through a few revisions and it's much better for having talked it out with Adam, who's honestly amazing to talk *anything* out with. I'm super enjoying his subscription puzzles and am in awe of/inspired by the fact that he's sending out ambitious grids and stellar, fresh cluing weekly!!!!
Thanks, Brooke!! Rachel Fabi has been keeping a Twitter thread of all of Brooke's recent puzzles and I recommend you check it out. She's been killin' it. (Why not start with this demi?)

Enjoy the puz! 
 - Adam

Friday, December 11, 2020

puzzle #40: themeless thirty-one

puzzle 40: themeless thirty-one - evermore

Look! Another thing named "evermore" dropping today! What are the odds??

I'd like to thank Brooke Husic for test-solving this puzzle and providing the clue for 51-Across. Also, look out for her byline soon on this blog!! (I'm very excited about it.)

Enjoy the puz!

- Adam