Tuesday, September 29, 2020

announcement: luckystreak xwords+

Hey y'all! I'm happy to announce that I am starting a weekly newsletter "luckystreak xwords+" where I send an exclusive crossword puzzle every Monday at 12 noon Eastern time starting on October 5th. My schedule so far this year has allowed me to spend a lot of time constructing and finishing crossword puzzles, and what I have in store are some of the proudest puzzles that I've made! They're full of the Gen Z, pop-culture-y, funny, and interesting fill and clues that I try to cram into every puzzle I make. This is the most authentic way for me to make puzzles I love and get paid for it.

The newsletter is $25 CAD (<$20 USD) and will run until September 2021, sending 50 puzzles in total (there will be two weeks off to account for holidays and personal events). Each e-mail will come with a .puz/.pdf/solution download link, as well as an image of the puzzle straight in the e-mail. You'll also get a link to an archive of all previous puzzles if you decide to sign up later.

If you want to subscribe, there is a subscribe widget in the toolbar! (If you're on mobile, there's also a button in the menu to subscribe.) The email you use to pay for the subscription will be the one I send the e-mails to, so if you want to change that, just shoot me an e-mail at luckyxwords@gmail.com. If you want to give a gift subscription to somebody, just send me their e-mail address using the same e-mail.

If you decide to support, thank you so much! I've been constructing for a long time and this is something I'm excited to be doing! I'll continue posting free puzzles on this site, but the newsletter will be more consistent. Thank you to Paolo, Chris, and Will for their advice, this couldn't be done without their help.

If you like it, please tell your friends! Word of mouth is so valuable. And as always, hope you guys enjoy!!!

- Adam

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