puzzle #34: themeless twenty-seven (with paolo pasco)

puzzle 34: themeless twenty-seven - tag a friend (with paolo pasco)

Ooooh a collab? You're damn right it is. notsidsgrids.com and notnotsidsgrids.com** are teaming up today, folks. Super excited to post this collab with Paolo. I vibe with him and his puzzles a LOT, and I'm grateful for all the times he's test-solved a puzzle or sent crossword memes back and forth with me. This was a fun puzzle to make, and his humour and craft shine in this puzzle!
Also, for those of you who don't know already, he recently dropped a puzzle pack too. I have yet to solve the main puzzles because I am waiting until I can solve them on paper, but I recommend the $10 pack if only for the 21x puzzle alone. Just incredible, had me agape several times, an absolute joy to solve.

Some extra notes:
  • I had a puzzle out on Et Tu, Etui? a few days ago. It's a fun little wordplay one, so check it out!
  • Shout-out to Rebecca Neipris and Sid Sivakumar for shouting me out on Crossnerds a few days ago. They had a great episode and Sid's always wonderful, but I was not expecting the kind words and it made my day :) Please check it out.
Enjoy the puz!

**I swear that link worked earlier.