Thursday, September 10, 2020

puzzle #35: my name is fifteen (by chris piuma)

puzzle 35: my name is fifteen (guest puzzle by chris piuma)

Here's a wonderful puzzle from Chris Piuma (Twitch, Twitter) that he's graciously allowed me to publish on my site! You may know him as Wordgarbler where he does daily streams of the NYT puzzle/Spelling Bee and also solves some indie outlets (including mine!). Thank you Chris!

Words from Chris:
"Fifteens rule. Sixteens drool. Thanks for having me on!"
Words to live by. Also:

perfect segue for
the announcement:
if you want to talk
like this and have
your text lines be
fifteen letters, I
say enter into the
Crosscord Server

Enjoy the puz and tell Chris how much you like it! New puzzle soon.

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